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Q:  I worry about the future.

“I am scared of not having any money and never having a good partner.  What can I do to stop this?” -Tabitha K.

A:  The Future Makes No Promises!

There are parts of the past that we love to dwell on and sometimes wallow in.  The present is where life exists, alive and happening right now. The future is what we pray, hope and desire to get to.

The past has teeth or maybe dentures

The past has really strong teeth. The bite of the past can be one that is either enjoyed or resisted. The bite depends on whether or not your teeth are real or dentures.  The strength of the past is clever as it works through all human emotions and on our perceptions of the world therein. If we are stronger than the bite of the past, we have the courage needed to let go of the past, not feed it the nutrients it requires to live.  We can use the parts of the past that are valuable and allow us to play in the now.  Then we can take baby steps into the future, one step at a time.

Let’s look at the past through the experiences of two old people: one who has lived life from a place of complete joy and one who has lived life from a place of complete sadness.  One of them is happy and full of life, available to see life newly, in a way that continues to bring happiness and joy.  They may age but they continue to grow.  On the other hand, the old person who has chosen to live from an unhappy, distressed place, sees life as a burden.  Everything is difficult and life is heavy.  They are depressed, angry and don’t want to (or believe they cannot) transform their situation.  They are ‘dying.’   They aren’t willing to attempt anything new or see life as an opportunity.  The past runs their life and they are not growing.

The present is full of possibilities

Life in the present is spontaneous, open and full of possibilities.  The past is over and has no real place in the present.  The present is committed to the things that bring joy and moves life forward moment by moment.  It is full of endless possibilities where issues are forgiven and forgotten.  When the lesson is learned, what occurs from the situation is always useful.  There is never any right or wrong, only what happened.  The present allows us to live from a powerful place with a sense of awareness that creates a life of creativity, imagination and wow! The present makes room for trusting the intuitions and opens many doors for us.  Life issues become easier to handle and you are open to realizing your goals faster.

The future makes no promises

The future makes no promises; it only depends on one’s perceptions of life. Your view of the future depends on how you hold that gentle glimmer of hope.  The future has lots of different textures.  Some are soft, hard, rough and smooth.  The textures of the future are like the textures of life.  It all depends on what you want and are attached to.  The future makes no promises that it will be met.

The future is patient; it allows for one step at a time.  It likes the structure of plans; however, any plans for the future need to be flexible, you need to be dedicated and free of any type of attachment.

The future likes that you are clear about your requests.  This requires that you monitor your thoughts and remain present, free of doubt and fear, meticulous and aware of any negativity that comes from the past into your thoughts.

The more authentic you are, the more aware you will be of the powers of the past, present and the future.  You will see that the trio will be obedient to your requirements.  Keep in mind that the trio is always ready to infiltrate whatever way you decide to live your life. Remember, the past, present and the future have power but only the power that you give it through the focus of your attention.

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