Contributed by Donna Marie

Have you ever heard about a place from several unrelated sources?  Well, that happened to me recently and I took it as a message … this it was a place I had to explore!  The place is Dirt Candy — isn’t the name intriguing? — and, when I discovered it’s a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian cuisine I was even more excited.

Dirt Candy is located New York City’s East Village.  It’s a tiny restaurant, quite charming really, that seats approximately 24 people.  It’s serviced by a small kitchen which the architect of this uniquely named spot brings forth the most inspiring & amazing food.  It’s vegetarian food like no other this diner has experienced to date!

Dirt Candy’s uniqueness extends to the way the menu offerings are designed.  Each item is inspired by a particular vegetable.

For my appetizer I selected Celery and was treated to a medley of four or five types of celery deliciously prepared with flavours and textures to bring your mouth vibrantly alive and, isn’t that what every appetizer should do??

For my main course, I chose Zucchini and experienced another delectable complexity of flavours and textures.  While I don’t typically choose a dessert, I couldn’t resist at least exploring the selections. My eyes were immediately drawn to Red Pepper Velvet Cake with white chocolate and peanut ice cream and peanut brittle.  Since dinner was so satisfying, I wished to truly appreciate my dessert and requested it to go.  I’m glad I did because it was the most mouth-watering, to die for variation of one of my favorite desserts!

The Dirt Candy dining experience is thrilling; but don’t just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself and tell them that Donna at foodforthesoul dot us sent you!

Dirt Candy
t. 212.228.7732
430 e. 9th st
NY, NY 10009