Contributed by Joy F.


Years ago I heard something that’s stuck with me: “you can’t give to anyone unless you give to yourself first.”  This might sound selfish, but is it really?

There was a time when I did think it was a pretty self-centered way to be.  Now, not so much as I have found I am happier, more balanced, and can better handle life’s twists and turns when I take care of myself.  Recently it even occurred to me that taking me-time is just as important an activity as being with friends and I’ve begun to treat this time with myself in that way.

Nurturing myself is now a habit and takes many forms — an early morning walk, a late night bath, enjoying coffee at my favorite neighborhood haunt, treating myself to a massage, meditating, taking a break from technology, just to name a few.

The point is this, by developing a habit of nourishing myself, I feel better about myself and have better relationships.  Now that’s a win-win!

What are your favorite me-centric activities?