Food For The Soul Foodies

Food for the Soul™ has initiated a new program for like-minded partners, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to share cross-links between websites or share affiliations in other ways such as promoting their products in our Market Café. Our Foodies are our sustaining partners who support our goals and help spread the word about Food for the Soul™.

Do you know a business, company, practitioner, or non-profit organization that would make a great Foodie?  Let us know by contacting us at Or share Food for the Soul™ with them and let’s see what kinds of cross-promotional partnerships we can whip up.

Our latest Foodie, ART OFF the MAIN, featured a weekend of African, Caribbean, African-American & Latin American Artists at the Contemporary Art Fair NYC at Jacob Javits Center, NYC (Hall 1A, 39th Street entrance) on October 19-21, 2012. Congratulations ART OFF the MAIN for providing this venue for artists to shine. It was a spectacular event!