Contributed by Kathleen H.

I had a great interview a month ago.  It lasted for over two hours.  We laughed.  We bonded. I met some of the key players in the department. I was sure I was a shoe-in.  Then weeks went by and there was no word. So I called to see what was happening. I was told that while they liked me for the job, they had decided to go in a different direction – not the outcome I was looking for or expecting after what seemed like such a positive interview process!

Not getting the job you thought was in-the-bag is discouraging, but there are steps you can take to stay on their radar if you are still interested in future possibilities with the company.

Here are some steps I took after being passed over for that position I felt was perfect for me.

Obtain feedback. I asked a series of questions to see if there were any concerns or discrepancies. These included: Was there something unclear on my resume or in the way I answered key questions? Did they need some clarification about my skill-set or my ability to do the job? What did they think were my strong points? What areas did they think I could improve on?

Convey interest in the company. After asking for feedback, I let them know I was still interested in working for the company and asked them to keep me in mind for appropriate positions that might open up in the future.

Keep channels of communication open. In addition to sending a note thanking them for the opportunity, going forward, I intend to remain in touch with a few key people I had met during the interview process. For example, if I find any information that might make a difference to the business, or addressed any areas we covered in the interview, I plan to send it to them.

While none of these actions offers a guarantee that I will work with this company in the future, I am making the best of the situation and, more importantly, I am not wasting my time and energy complaining about an opportunity lost.

What other steps might be taken in this type of situation? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comment box below.