Contributed by Tanya Schiavone

I feel as if I never have enough time in my day. But doesn’t everyone?  In order to make more time in my day, I had to change some aspects of my life.  Here are a few things I did to add more time to my life.

Exercise. I thought I didn’t have enough time in my day to exercise. But I found that by the time 3 pm rolled around each day, I was sleepy and out of it. I decided to stop and take an exercise break. Truthfully, I really had to force myself when I first started this practice; but now I focus on how good I will feel afterwards and that has turned things around.  Even though I only exercise for 20 minutes I feel refreshed and alert, able to work again.

TV. Do you come home from work and sit in front of the TV to unwind? Do you really need to? When I discontinued my cable service to save money recently, I thought I would miss my favorite shows. Even though I can watch many of my favorites on Hulu, I find that I don’t even do that anymore and now I have lots of found time.

Setting time for social media.  Believe me I could be on Pinterest for hours.  Social media is a big time-suck even though it is a vital part of my business. The way I manage my time is by writing down my goals, set a timer, remain focused and get off the social carousel when the timer alarm goes off.

Touch it once. Do you have an “Oh I’ll do this later” tactic? Perhaps marking an email as unread, or putting things in a pile.  This doesn’t work for most people.  The later items start to weigh you down mentally and stress you out.  Instead, do it right away.  If you cannot do it right away, then don’t open the email. Set some time aside to take care of these items.

Passion time. Take some time for yourself each day to do something you are passionate about. It will give you the ‘me’ time you crave and help invigorate you.

Check within. Are you creating obstacles in your life to avoid having the time to do what you want because you are afraid? Ask yourself, “Am I afraid of success? Failure? Other people’s judgments?” I discovered that didn’t have enough time for years because, in truth, I was afraid to follow my passions.  I watched too much TV and wasted time in other ways that made me ‘too busy’ to follow my dreams.

Do you have any time saving tips?  We invite you to share your ideas in the comment box below.