Contributed by Leslie G.

I have a lot of clothing as I have done my fair share of shopping; but, I find that I am bored with my clothing selection.  Now I would like to spruce my wardrobe up a bit but I do not have money to spend on new clothes at this time.  So, I decided to throw and old fashioned clothing swap which was fun but I ran into a few problems: the guest that bought nothing, the other guest that took everything.  My second clothing swap was more successful as I put some things into place that made things go more smoothly.

Here are a few tips I wanted share:

  • Have a place to display the clothing – either place them on hangers or clean and organized area on the floor
  • Provide a private changing area in case anyone wants privacy
  • Make sure to have a floor length mirror so everyone can check themselves out
  • Draw numbers to see who goes first and redraw the numbers after each round—this will prevent a free for all grab
  • Have a clothing limit of 6 items per person but no maximum amount
  • Have everyone bring a snack or drink
  • Ask your guests to bring as wide a variety of items as possible
  • After the party is over, take all the leftover clothing and donate them

Have you ever had a clothing swap? How did yours work?