Contributed by Delilah O.


When you unpacked your winter wardrobe this year were you disappointed?  Tired of wearing the same old thing year after year?  If you want to update your winter wardrobe without spending a lot of money, follow these tips:

Weed through your closet. As you unpack your wardrobe, give each item an honest critique. Is it flattering? When was the last time you wore it? Do you even like it? We often keep things that we don’t like.  Then we feel guilty for not wearing it or feel badly that we bought it. Every time we see it, it sucks a little bit of energy out of us. By doing this you might find items you forgot you had or hardly wear. Donate the gently used items you no longer like to an organization like Dress for Success or The Thrifty Hog.

Organize a clothing swap.  Invite your friends, who are similar in size to you, to a clothing swap. Each person can bring in some clothes they are no longer interested in and trade it for some of yours.

Find a new place to shop. Ask around or look online to find the best thrift and consignment stores in your area.  You can even bring in your old stuff for a discount, store credit, trade or to sell.  Check out each store a few times so you get a good feel for what they carry.  Or you can try shopping online at eBay or discount sites like Rue La La.

Accessorize. Jewelry, belts, scarves and shoes are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Thrift stores have lots of accessories. Also, remember to look for these items on sale at department stores. Buy versatile colors that go with everything or buy something trendy.

Stick to classics.  If you purchase clothes that are classic in style, you don’t have to ever worry that you won’t get value for your money over the long run. A pencil skirt can be worn with anything for years to come, while a bubble skirt will be stuffed in the back of our closet after one season.

How do you spruce up your wardrobe? We invite you to share your ideas in the box below.