Submitted by DMFCom3

My country is a Caribbean island state where every year millions of tourists visit to enjoy the miles of beaches for which the country is famous.  As someone born, raised and living in that country, I constantly receive good natured by unflattering comments about  my inability to swim.  Yes, swim.  Over these many years I have ignored, laughed at and otherwise dismissed these comments.  As time went friends began to join in these comments with numerous and unfriendly, derogatory jibes. 

Two months ago I was leaving the country and was challenged, dared perhaps, by a friend to a one-on-one swimming contest.  I decided that enough was enough and whilst abroad I made contact with a swimming coach and today after two months I will be able to accept the challenge on my return.  YES, I FINALLY LEARNT TO SWIM AT THE AGE OF SEVENTY SIX.