Contributed by Donna Marie


It’s that time of year when resolutions are in the air.  In years gone by I would begin the new year with the best intentions and very quickly into the new year, my enthusiasm would fade and soon after that so would my resolutions.  But, the guilt about not following through would persist. Then, six or so years ago I was introduced to a new way of looking at resolutions or New Year Intentions.  What I realized in the process that any new habit requires some form of practice which led me to come up with five tips to keep my New Year intentions alive and well—in other words, ways to stay inspired.

  • Set your intentions.  Write down your intentions and review them often—with enthusiasm!  Next, put them in a place where you can easily see and review them.  In my case, I put them in my journal.  It’s one of the places I go to on a daily basis so I can’t help but see my intentions list!
  • Be ready.  Make sure your intention is backed up by a commitment that is big enough to sustain you when life sends distractions your way.  For example, my weight loss intention was backed up by a commitment to health & wellness. For me, being healthy and well has more staying power than losing a certain number of pounds or dress sizes!
  • Gratitude.  Stop often and be grateful for any progress (even the teeniest ones!) you make en route.  Every time I exercised, I acknowledged myself that I stuck with it. It makes me feel good and it’s encouraging!  In a recent segment on CBS Sunday Morning I learned about research results that concluded that gratitude contributes to happiness, health and well-being.  So, I express gratitude often!
  • Live today.  Remember to be happy now, not put it off until you achieve your intention.  I make sure that I celebrate whatever makes me happy whether it’s related to my intention or not.
  • Go with the flow.  Be willing to take a detour to your intention, all the while remembering your commitment.  Inevitably, I might waver—after all, any new habit takes several attempts to take root. When I go with the flow, I don’t fall off the wagon so to speak; it becomes part of the process!

What keeps food for the soul™ going is we are committed to feeding the inspiration within and that does wonders for our intentions!