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Confidence is the kind of accessory that you cannot beg, steal or borrow. It has to be built. Confidence is always in style. Women with confidence are recognized and acknowledged by everyone, no matter what they are doing.  An example of a confident woman is our First Lady.  She is a beautiful example of someone who exudes confidence, which has people warm to her.  She shines in her roles, as mother, wife, First Lady and the many other responsibilities she takes on.  She is smart and secure in her conversations, beliefs and ideas.  That is why she is loved.

Confidence is a beautiful thing to have. It says a lot about you.  The stronger and healthier your confidence, the more positive you are. Confident people are empowered; they feel good about themselves.

A lack of confidence can have serious, negative effects on your life.  As The Confidence Coach, I encourage you to speak of yourself from a place of integrity and be consistent with your word.  Speaking badly about yourself shows a lack of personal integrity and does little to empower you or build your confidence.

When your integrity is out, your confidence will be out. Without integrity, your confidence erodes. Without integrity you have a reason or excuse and end up avoiding whatever situation you are dealing with. Besides negatively impacting your self-esteem, this dishonors you.

In short, when you have confidence, you meet all obstacles head-on. You know that they are just circumstances that can and will be overcome. There is no longer any room for reasons and excuses that leave you in a space of lack and not being able to sustain yourself.

Confidence gives you the freedom to be, do and have what you desire. Confidence—it’s  also the new sexy accessory.

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Noreen Sumpter, Personal Life Coach works with High Achievers who feel trapped in their private life.  They lack personal confidence and self-esteem. By helping them clear mental clutter and dissolve limiting beliefs, they can take deliberate steps, own their voice, speak their truth and have the freedom to live life their way.  “Live Life Your Way” 

   “Live Life Your Way”

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