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Last week I was exploring how the past impacts my life in areas that are so young that I did not know that I even had those barriers. I don’t realize these barriers exist until something triggers a response. I do not have the memory of what happened just the response I created to survive.  I also got to see that even though there is play and fun in my life, I am not really playing in areas of my life that matter to me. There is no play in love relationship as I don’t have a man and I am very serious in my business life and there is no play in that area at all. Also, I got to see another big, fat area of my life where there is no play – I have no play in the area of money; I do not relate to money as a fun tool.

The bottom line is this, in my adult life, I do not have a sense of spontaneity or play.

With this discovery, I am taking a look from where I am now and creating where I would like to go. What will it take to upgrade my inner conversations to live a first class, fun life that is full of ease, grace and freedom?  Well, there is an old adage that says whatever you want, give it away. So I am creating a first class life in all areas of my life with a focus on love and abundance that I intend to share with you.

The questions below are designed to get you thinking about how you might create a life of fun and play.  Answer these questions honestly to yourself. You can even answer them with another person.

  • Where in your life is play missing and what would you be willing to do to put play back in?
  • When you talk with others, are you in monologue or dialogue?
  • Could you share more of yourself by being in an open and free dialogue?  Yes or No?  If yes, try it?
  • What is your experience of play? Is it hard work, easy or do you just not play at all?
  • Are you having relationships and conversations that are back and forth – free of jumping to conclusions, experiencing upsets, releasing anger and losing control?
  • Does playing make you feel uncomfortable?

Think back to when you were a child and were really good at playing:

  • What were your favorite games?
  • When you became an adult, did you notice that you stopped playing in your life?
  • When and why did you stopped playing?
  • What are the nature of the kinds of conversations you are currently having in your life? Are they complaints? Are your conversations exciting and happy? Or are your conversations leaving you exhausted or afraid?

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