Contributed by Catherine S.

Your immune system can be compromised during the holiday season. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy.

Keep to the same sleep schedule.  Even though you may be traveling and going to parties, try to keep to the same sleep schedule and get plenty of rest.

Take vitamins.  Multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, echinaca and horseradish pills have all been shown to help prevent colds.

Eat healthy.  Try to avoid eating fast food in your car as you rush from one place to another. Instead pack a healthy snack.

Get a flu shot.  Getting the flu can take away weeks from the holiday season. You can also spread germs to your family and coworkers.

Say no.  You are not obligated to go to every party. Say no and give yourself time to rest.

Exercise.  Keep to your regular exercise schedule and go for some walks if you can to destress and keep your body in shape.

Don’t drink too much.  Watch your alcohol intake as excessive drinking lowers your immune system.

Relax. Spend some quality down time with yourself and your loved ones.

How do you plan to stay healthy during the holidays? We invite you to share your tips in the comment box below.