The Freedom Zone

#FreedomZone shares the distinctions of Freedom that can help you break free of any limiting beliefs that have left you feeling stuck and unhappy.  The Freedom Zone book opens the door to self-awareness and provides you access to Love, Liberty and Happiness!


“The Freedom Zone offers a powerful and enlightening, fresh method of thinking. If you struggle with self-imposed limitations, then you owe it to yourself to read this book. Brick and Fullerton have the insight and first-hand experiences to teach you to uncover the joy that you already possess.”

Stephen Pollan

Author of Bestselling Books: “Die Broke,” “Live Rich,” and “Turning No into Yes”

“Donna and Sharon have committed heart, mind and spirit to bringing us this gift and invitation. By sharing through every day life experiences, we see how to take responsibility for our freedom and the freedom of others, with no one left out.”

David Dowd

Pioneer Career / Life Coach

“An inspiring, accessible book born from and through experience, and written with humility and compassion. Brick and Fullerton’s inquiry and stories can serve as important tools towards healing. Their consistent message that we have “choice” and that choice enables us to choose a happier life — is powerful and a necessary reminder. I will recommend this book to clients to assist them on their journey, and have already begun using it on mine.”

Marla Kessler

LCSW, Private Practitioner

“The Freedom Zone is a journey of discovery – starting with excavating the disempowering beliefs that are holding us back to providing tools and practices that can be immediately applied and help us live moment to moment – in a life of freedom. The authors take real-life experiences, told in a way so we uncover insights, come away with clarity and stronger sense of responsibility fo building our own “best’ life journey.”

Cheryl A. Seraile

Strategic Marketing Consultant

“The Freedom Zone offers an insightful and provocative lens to view oneself and one’s health. It helps us recognize where we lack freedom in our lives. This profound awareness paves the way for us to be truly authentic and experience a level personal freedom not know before … or even believed possible until now.”

Laurie Van Wess, Ph.D.

LCSW, Private Practitioner

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