In the early 2000’s, I came across Zig Ziglar’s quote, “People often say motivation doesn’t last.  Neither does bathing–that’s why we recommend it daily” and I had an epiphany; being inspired is a practice, a habit that needs consistent nurturing.

So I began my daily practice that included reviewing an inspirational saying each morning and setting an intention for the day.  I got so much out of this that I started sharing these quotes with my friends; this took off and I was inspired to officially launch food for the soul at a lovely neighborhood spot, The Broken Cup, in 2007.

Since 2007

I am Donna Marie. I was born and raised in Jamaica (the Caribbean–not the neighborhood in  Queens, New York) and have lived in the United States for over 30 years.  I have a career I love, friendships and partnerships with extraordinary men and women, and participated in diverse mind-expanding activities.  My passions are aroused by many things (nature, sports, movies, live performances and art to name a few). 

Most of all, I view life–and being human–as an exciting adventure, an exploration.  This exploration led me to workshops, seminars, books, videos, retreats, courses, and experiences around the globe–all part of the effort to express the real me and live my best life.  Through this process of self-discovery I began to realize the key to living life to the fullest is as simple as staying aware, awake and attuned to the magic and miracle of each moment; in a nutshell, being present.  Since this is an inside job, I needed to find ways to nurture this discovery and be inspired each day so I could bring this attitude to my daily life.  This desire inspired the creation of food for the soul™, an inspirtainment website.

The FFTS Team and I are committed to serving up ideas that inspire and empower.  Among our offerings are daily #SoulFood, seasonal #WellnessTonic and occasional #NourishingNibbles shared to inspire myself and our online community of members.  In 2013, I realized a life-long dream when I co-authored and published my first book, The Freedom Zone: Your Gateway to Love, Liberty and Happiness, where readers are introduced to an approach to healing the past, coming to terms with loss and disappointment, loving the present, and creating a breathtaking future.

Thank you for stopping by and we deeply appreciate you supporting our growth by sharing Food For The Soul with your community!