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Whether you, dear reader, are 25 or 65, at one point we all find the road ahead is shorter than the road behind. Jewish writings refer to this time as the “narrow place.” 

“The challenge is to reimagine the narrow place as one of Divine expanse, an invitation to growth, or ‘zaken,’  the same word as ‘beard,’ ‘elder,’ ‘sage’ or ‘old,’” writes the Jewish Journal.  There is a much loved interpretation for “zaken” as “one who has acquired wisdom,” one who chooses Aging Wisely.


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There are many advantages to growing older – and thank goodness – because it’s hard to avoid!  What do we know? The majority of baby boomers, for instance, want to age in place, remaining in their homes and neighborhoods, enriched by a supportive community. Boomers want to go to yoga class, practice meditation and hang out with a bunch of people they love. So, you see, boomers are not so far off the elders, and elders are not so far off their gen-x great grands. 

We want connectionPsychology Today writes, “In our advanced digital age, one of the prevalent concerns regarding the increasing emergence of loneliness is how we have become less caring of others. At one time, our very survival depended on trusting and supportive relationships. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter how technologically sophisticated we become; emotional connectivity remains a core part of being human. We need each other—maybe not in the ways that characterized us evolutionarily, but for a need that remains essential for psychological survival. 

We challenge you to maintain your connection to friends, family, and activities you love. As we get through a pandemic, as we home school, as we work at home in our pajama bottoms, and as we grow older: noisily, gracefully, productively, actively, lovingly. 

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