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Wash your hands! Sing Happy Birthday while you’re at it! Swab all the packages! Swab the counter where the packages were! Careful how you take your mask off!  Don’t touch your face!  Stay away from me…

Good hygiene is a good idea any time. But what about fortifying yourself on the inside? What can we do to keep our body a clean machine, a Super Hero ready to act in times like these?

We call it, Wellness from the Inside Out.


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Wellness From the Inside-Out


In her article in the New York Times on May 25th, titled To Fight Covid-19, Don’t Neglect Immunity and Inflammation, Jane Brody writes:

“While most people focus, as they should, on social distancing, face coverings, hand washing and even self-isolation to protect against the deadly coronavirus now ravaging the country, too few are paying serious attention to two other factors critically important to the risk of developing a Covid-19 infection and its potential severity. Those factors are immunity, which should be boosted, and inflammation, which should be suppressed.

She also cites colleague, Gretchen Reynold’s article from April around exercise, which has additional tips for elders and others who are mainly housebound.

In a fascinating conversation from December 2019 with Dr. Jeffrey Bland of The institute for Functional Medicine, renowned health writer Pilar Gerasimo says she considers commitment to good physical health–in a world that makes it very difficult–to be a revolutionary act, and that it takes amplified awareness. She has been writing about the concept of “keeping your body clean, inside and out” for years! 

Whether you want to summon your inner super hero or the revolutionary, what simple changes can you commit to going forward to be as healthy and clean inside as out?

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