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The Harvard Business Review writes, “Rituals, it turns out, are a powerful human mechanism for managing extreme emotions and stress, and we should be leaning on them now.

Rituals don’t have to make sense.  They are often private, invented or customized and idiosyncratic.  They are less about magic and more about science.  And they make us feel better!

Why rituals?  They give us a measure of control in a world that can seem out of control.  They help us  work and care for ourselves more efficiently and smarter.

And sometimes, they are as simple as a  cup of tea. We call it, Wellness Through Rituals.


Wellness through Rituals

Ann Tashi Slater wrote in the New York Times in June 2020:

“Worry and cramped conditions, the demands of doing our work online, and the lack of outside contact may make us feel something more akin to solitary confinement than family togetherness. Through teatime, our home environment can become about connection rather than captivity. We can share a poem or a family story, the dream we had last night; we can talk about how we’re feeling. We can ask the people we love, ‘How are you?’ and really want to know the answer. We can revive the art of conversation, putting aside our devices and not only speaking but listening.”


Do you have rituals that make you feel better inside and out?

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