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Dear Friends, Fans and SoulMates,


Here we are, almost four months into a time of unmatched uncertainty.  Hopefully we are integrating behaviors we can take forward with us, especially actions to help our mind, body and spirit—ways to preserve or improve our health, our moods, our stamina, our relationships.

Golareh Safarian, a lifestyle coach, visual artist, and founder of online meditation center, The Healing Salon, tells us:


“Being vigilant of our mood in today’s pandemic environment should be a priority to us all.

Remaining calm and constructive at times of uncertainty can help us navigate

through difficulties and find a path towards our more resilient selves.”


In so doing, we are Taking Charge of What’s In Our Control.


Wellness Through Taking Charge of

What’s in Our Control


Golareh has written a most helpful, bite-size article: 10 Things You Can Do to Stay Positive During Covid-19. She acknowledges that while it might be challenging to maintain positivity during times like these, the value on our mental health and immunity is undeniable.

Your health is worth the effort!

As you continue to navigate the unusual challenges of 2020, what practices are you willing to adopt to foster a more positive outlook?

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Take care, be well and stay healthy!

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