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Dear Dear Friends, Fans and SoulMates,
“Laughter is the best medicine!”  How many times have we uttered or heard the phrase, “Oh it feels good to laugh.”

The best thing is that there’s actually scientific data to support the idea, and anecdotal evidence abounds as well: In the 14th Century – Henri de Mondeville, a French surgeon, felt humor was an important part of the healing process and believed patients benefited having relatives and friends visit whose job it was to tell jokes and cheer them up. Dr. Kavita Khajuria, MD and her editors at Psychiatric Times say “Given the brain’s neuroplasticity, it’s to our benefit to make our lifetime experiences as positive and hilarious as possible.” We can add, “Given the circumstances of our times.” to this.  We all need a laugh now!


Wellness Through Laughter


Why are humor and laughter important to your health? Laughter helps relieve stress, increases endorphin production, relieves pain…and actually can help improve your immune system.  Did you know there is actually LAUGH YOGA?

And if you think you have no sense of humor…there’s hope for you too!

Can you commit to letting yourself have a laugh this week? You could watch a film that always makes you laugh. For me, it’s “Something’s Gotta Give?”  That scene where Jack Nicholson runs into Diane Keaton naked always does it for me. Modern slapstick.  Or call your friend who never fails to make you laugh. Or watch this video of the 3-year old kid who argues with his mom (Linda) about having a cupcake.

Laugh a little each day in trying times, in…all the times.  You deserve it!

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Take care, be well and stay healthy!

Your Food For The Soul Team