“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
 ~Henry Ward Beecher

Whatever the medium, looking at what someone has created, poured their heart and soul into, has the power to elicit our deepest, if sometimes indefinable reactions. Sure there are the technical attributes that art is evaluated on and then there is the sheer appreciation that comes from the one-on-one relating to architecture, sculpture, what is in a book or on a canvas. 

To meet Lola Saenz and experience her work is go get in touch with the deeper side of yourself.  She exudes a passion that is infectious and a visit to her studio confirms the depth of her emotions.  Here is Lola’s artist statement: 

Saenz is an artist for our times. She is self-taught and believes in following her dreams, “To create artwork and share it with the world.” Saenz was born in El Paso, Texas and spent a lot of time in Mexico.  She then moved to Los Angeles, California before finding her home in New York City where she has been living in the East Village since 1993.  The colors and rhythms of these places find their homes in her work.


Saenz has been working on a body of artwork that consists of her self-portraits and the City of New York, with a few abstracts in between.  Her paintings express her own emotions an dpieces of her imagination.  Her work expresses locationa nd dislocation, joy and loss, perception and distortion, and the life of the cities.  Her art is human, exploring every possibility and testing every boundary.  The result is art that speaks al languages, indeed, sings to spaces deep within each viewer, creating an environment in which feeling and responding are both comfortable and natural.  This is art for far more than the eye. 

To experience Lola’s passion for yourself, contact her at msaenzart@yahoo.com.