Living in Gratitude

In my journey to self, I began a gratitude practice.  By this I mean that no matter what is going on, I look for something I can appreciate about it.  When I started out, it was not an easy thing to do.  I was so used to looking at things from the outside, at feeling...

Who Loves You Baby?

Contributed by Donna Marie For years I have taken time to be grateful for life in all its forms.  Whether it’s witnessing a sunrise, appreciating turning leaves as summer gives way to fall or for family and friends, I have noticed the freedom and joy that comes...

Donna Marie

Daily Treat “When you’ve done all you can and things don’t seem to be going the way you want, end the struggle, accept what is and choose the path unfolding.” ~ Donna Marie ~

Being Away

Contributed by Donna Marie I’ve always prided myself on taking time out of my routine to take care of myself—whether it’s long walks, sitting in the park, having a cup of coffee or tea at a favorite spot, relaxing baths, traveling for fun, beauty treatments or...

Donna Marie

“Realizing I am the constant in situations that seem like history repeating is an opportunity to look within and take responsibility rather than blame the circumstances for where I am in life.” ~  Donna Fullerton ~