Contributed by Breanna F.

After reading about some of the symptoms of dehydration in a recent Wellness Tonic, Water Does Your Body Good, I began wondering whether or not that might be the source of some of the physical issues I was dealing with including headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, stress post-nasal drip, mild asthma, white tongue. I had just had a physical and I knew my health was good but I had not discussed dehydration with my doctor. So, I did a little research and learned that dehydration might indeed be the culprit. Next I decided to do an experiment. I would drink six to eight glasses of water a day for a couple of months to see whether or not I noticed any changes.

For years I had tried to make sure to drink the recommended daily requirement of water. I would start off with the very best of intentions but I would lose track throughout the course of the day. I would need to better manage that. I checked to see if there was an app for that. Sure enough I found one. I downloaded the APP and was on my way.

With the APP as my monitoring device, it was easy to drink the required amount of water each day. Plus I followed some of the tips in the Water Does Your Body Good post, which made drinking water less boring—something I am sure contributed to my inability to follow my water consumption plan in the past. Finally, I kept a journal to document any changes I experienced.

At the end of the two months, I assessed the results of my experiment and here’s what I noticed: my headaches had stopped, I felt more energetic in general (more specifically, I no longer had that tired feeling at 3 pm), my post-nasal drip was not as problematic and my skin tone was clearer.

Since this was not a scientifically administered experiment, I cannot say categorically that there is a direct correlation between drinking water and the positive physical effects I experienced. But, the change in how I now feel is so marked that I am going to continue getting my daily water requirement.

What do you think of the six to eight glasses of water a day rule?  We invite you to share in the box below.