I am a South African born singer/actress who moved to the States in 1978 years ago and, from an early age I had a passionate love affair with scents. Today, when I encounter a strange yet familiar fragrance I am immediately transported back to my South African roots and the memories are palpable. It is this passion that drew me to the world of fragrance where I became a globally recognized expert in the fragrance, cosmetics and personal care fields.  I have launched and implemented product development, branding and promotional strategies for some of the world’s leading brands including Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Trish McEvoy, Burberry, and Lancôme. Within the home fragrance arena, I collaborated with Diane Von Furstenberg on “Surroundings by DVF” for Avon, developed Avon’s “Beauty Begins At Home” Candle Collection, “Air So Clear” Home Freshener line and Avon’s Health & Wellness Business. At the pinnacle of my corporate career, I was Vice President at Tiffany & Co where I developed their signature fragrance, “Tiffany’s”–a perennial bestseller.

After that, with the knowledge I had gained over the course of more than 20 years in product development, marketing, branding, and strategic alliances for some of the world’s top companies, I was ready to go out on my own.

In 1992 I formed SCENTERPRISES, which is at the forefront of Custom Perfumery, Ambient Scenting to make the world Scent-Sational!  At SCENTERPRISES, our philosophy is simple: Perfume is about STYLE. Style is in the details; paying attention to details promotes confidence and wearing your unique fragrance, builds confidence. We recognize that scent is a powerful, intangible accessory that triggers memories and emotions. By wearing a fragrance that you love, that has meaning for you, which you created, is a wonderful way to reflect your individuality and your personality. It is also one of the most powerful, confidence-boosting tools you can create.

We recognize that it has taken many years to develop your own personal style, shouldn’t you compliment this style with a personal scent made by you, for you? Naturally, all of us will reach for your favorite perfume because we like how it smells and makes us feel. However, sometimes there’s a reason to use a scent that is not “fashion-pushed”, “pedestrian”, “celebrity-endorsed”, “manufactured”, or a “copy of a copy of a copy.”  We’ve all been a bit brain-washed about what is “fashion-approved.”

At SCENTERPRISES, our commitment is to help our clients capitalize on the many opportunities they have on a daily basis to elevate their experience and the experiences of the people they come in contact with, with a unique scent that is custom to you.

I am passionate about fragrances – I love everything to do with aromas, fragrance, perfumes and scent, and she is on a mission to make the world “Scentsational.”

Have you ever considered having your own signature perfume? Now you can!

For details, contact me at:
Sue Phillips – President
     Office – 646-350-6562
       Cell – 917-449-1134