Contributed by villagegirl92

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but moved to Florida shortly before my ninth birthday. In my forties, I moved to Manhattan for an amazing eleven years.  For one year, I lived near Gramercy Park, later I moved to mid-town, just blocks from Grand Central Terminal, The United Nations, and The Chrysler Building.  I moved back to Florida to be close to family, but my heart remains in New York City.  I have been writing since my teen years, but only showed those poems and fiction to my teachers, friends and family, all of whom encouraged me to be published. 

After thirty-eight rejection letters (none of which was a form letter) and one very lazy agent, I decided to look into what was once called “vanity press” or “self-publishing”.  In this world of Internet possibilities, I was drawn to research the best vehicle for publishing my novels.  After careful consideration, I chose The most difficult aspect of this adventure was putting everything into the format required. It was quite a learning curve.  The cover of the book; front, spine and back were especially thorny.  The front cover is one of my original paintings (times 2).  Self-publishing is not for everyone; it’s not always as lucrative as being published by a big house, however, it has its rewards and I have been pleased with the entire process. 

My inspiration for this novel was to show the evolution of a young, naive woman in one of the most sophisticated cities in the world.  The murder was my tool for how this girl/woman would either grow or remain grief-stricken, not allowing herself a life.  My interest in psychic phenomenon played a key role, too.  Because I am enamored with the metaphysical, my other novel and a collection of short stories, in their final edit stages, are also “ghost stories”. 

Inseparable:  A Synopsis

Raini Tessini is a young woman whose twin was murdered by a man who is obsessed with her. He perceived her sister as an obstacle to attaining Raini’s love.

In the beginning, Raini is rather shy and notably unsophisticated.  Growing up in Connecticut, her only aspiration was to become a legal secretary.  Now in New York City, working for an attorney who is avuncular, she is sheltered figure.  Soon after the murder, Raini embarks on an adventure she could never have imagined, because a psychic contacts her allowing that she can communicate with her departed twin. 

 Raini goes through a tremendous amount of growth as she becomes close to Charlotte, the clairvoyant/medium/psychic.  Together they attempt to find the murderer.  Charlotte, not the stereotype of a psychic, has a profound, yet understated influence and becomes a benevolent catalyst. 

Through it all, Raini experiences the gamut of emotions, vacillating between sorrow, joy, fear, and suspicion, yet evolves into a mature, self-sufficient woman with Charlotte as her sympathetic guide.

This is a story of love, trust, suspicion, and mystery, married to the metaphysical aspect.  It has the elements of intrigue, romance, and personal growth. 

Inseparable is available at this link or simply go to Amazon and type in Janet Gerardo.