Excerpt from Conversations with Our Fathers

Contributed by Donna Fullerton

We hear so much said about Moms … the books, the talk shows … all recording countless stories of a mother’s influence and nurturing.  Even hunky, 250-pound linebackers always gleefully pay some kind of homage to their Moms when the camera’s on them, when they make a touchdown or great play.  Hi Mom!  This one’s for you Mom! they often mouthe to their mothers on the other end of the camera lens. Well I couldn’t agree more with the view on Moms … but what about all the Dads out there? 

Dad_Me 1950s

Dad and Me, 1959

I decided to pen my feelings for you … to try to put into words the depth of affection I have for you Daddy.  While visiting the idyllic Caribbean island of my birth (with its warm weather, its special smells, its clear blue skies atop the Sea, which is almost as comforting and exhilarating as a freshly drawn bath) I was awash with memories, old and new.  Memories of a man who was always there for me and still is in an even more intimate way.  When I flashback to the daily conversations we had when you drove me to school or fast forward to the lessons of success you taught through example, to the importance of family connections, the values of integrity, honesty and hard work you imparted, to the importance of setting goals and going after them, to the special way you instilled within me my sense of self, I am present to the many lessons I have learned and continue to learn from you.  You provided a most sturdy and valuable foundation on which I have built my life.  

Thanks Dad for being such a wonderful inspiration in my life.  I am eternally grateful!