We at food for the soul™ are passionate about many things and giving back tops the list!  At this time, more than ever, charitable organizations need all the support they can get to help meet their goals and fulfill their missions.  So we have created a charitable giving program, the food for the soul™ Charity Bake-Off, designed to raise money and contribute to causes you support.

Here’s how the program works: 

  • Step 1.  If you are currently a subscriber, submit the name of your favorite charity in the space below that you think has the greatest need. Provide a brief description of why you think this charity has the greatest need and tell us what excites you the most about this charity.  Remember to include the charity’s website url and your name/email address.  [Note: If you’re not currently a subscriber, no worries.  All you have to do is join the inspiration exchange for free by filling out the form to the left of this page.]

Here is an example of a completed survey:

Of your favorite charities, which one do you think has the greatest need? [Include name, website and a brief description]

Hearts of Gold’s  (http://www.heartsofgold.org) mission is to foster sustainable change in the lifestyle and levels of self-sufficiency for homeless mothers and their children.

Why is this charity one of your favorites? 

It is run with compassion and a fearless commitment by one of the most inspiring women I know. Plus, I know that all the money raised goes directly to the source.

Your name and email address

Donna F., beloved 257@gmail.com

  • Step 2.  At the end of the submission process (Fall 2012), we will compile a list of the charities  provided by food for the soul™ members (or soul mates), tally up the entries and select the top three (3) mentioned charities.  We will then value-rate these three so we know the gift is going where it’s needed.
  • Step 3. A donation will be made to the top three (3) charities that get the most member mentions.
Since it’s all about making a difference and giving back, be sure to spread the word about the Charity Bake-Off program with others so they can participate too!  We will post on the website the entire list of charities submitted to give visitors the opportunity to learn about the causes you support. That may inspire them to make their own donation to your favorite cause.  You never know!

To get things started, tell us about your favorite charity in the survey below.


Thank you for your anticipated involvement in our Charity Bake-Off!