Contributed by Tanya S.

Having a dog brings a lot of joy to my life – from the way she greets me every time I come home to the games of tug and catch we play and everything in between. But, living in a city as I do, I often feel guilty that I don’t have a backyard for her to play in.  I go to dog parks but sometimes we are all alone. Then recently, I found a couple of services that help me care for my best friend.

Match Puppy. You can set up dates for your dog – not romantic dates but play dates. You can register your dog and create a profile.  Then you can choose your favorite dog runs and arrange a date with another dog.  You can choose by size of dog or just browse through the pictures.  Now you don’t have to worry about your dog playing alone again.

Dog sitting. I often go away for a weekend or some sort of vacation and I don’t like putting my dog in the dog care center.  There are too many dogs and it costs too much to have her walked everyday in addition to the boarding services. My friends are not always available to watch her and I don’t feel comfortable having a stranger in my house. I found dog vacay which pairs you with people who will board your dog at their own home. The fees are reasonable and far less expensive than boarding at a kennel.

Do you know of any websites that help you manage the care of your dog?