Contributed by Anthony R.  

With childhood obesity on the rise, many people have stopped giving candy and have moved to healthy treats.  But dental floss and boxes of raisins are not the answer.  Who wants to open their pumpkin to find such boring treats as a package of toothpaste?  Here are some fun, healthy treats that won’t disappoint the trick or treaters.

Stickers. All kids love stickers.  You don’t have to give them a whole pack. You can give them each a sheet or cut up a sheet and give them a few or one, depending on the size of the sticker.  You can purchase stickers at the dollar store, teacher supply and art stores.

Temporary Tattoos. Another item that kids love. Isn’t that why you bought cracker jacks when you were a kid?  There are lots of child-appropriate design available. Drop some in the treat bag.

Colored Chalk. This is a great way for the kids to experience the ‘trick’ part of Halloween.  They can write on the sidewalks, draw pictures and it will all wash away in the next rain fall.

Clay. Clay is available in individual sticks.  You can wrap them in plastic wrap and the kids will have something fun and creative to play with when they get home.

Crayons. You can get a few large packs of crayons and bundle a few of them together in plastic wrap or tie them up with colorful ribbon.  Kids love to draw and color.

Bubbles. You can buy inexpensive bubble bottles at the dollar store or order them on line.    The bottles do not need to be big and can be individual sized.

Glow sticks.  These provide safety as well.  As it gets darker, it is easier to spot the kids as they walk around.