Wouldn’t it be great if you could write the book of your dreams with a New York Times best selling author as your personal coach?  Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could get all your questions about writing answered by an individual who has created successful books?

Now you can.

Michael Levin, whom I know and trust, has just launched an exciting new program for writers of all levels of experience, from newcomers to bestsellers.  It’s called the Effortless Authorship Publishing System.  You get to be on a weekly video webinar with Michael, where he answers the questions you send him.  You also get an amazing–and growing–library of audiobooks and e-books on every topic imaginable related to writing.  How to plan a book.  Copyright.  Getting published.  Marketing a book with social networking.  How to keep your work from being stolen.  And so much more.

Michael has created, written, or co-written eight national best sellers, taught writing at UCLA and New York University and around the world, has published with Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Random House, and many other top publishers, and has coached countless writers to make their own dreams of getting published come true.  Now it’s your turn!

Here is a short video introducing best-selling author and radio host, Michael Levin who will provide you access to the Special Report, 9 Ways to Make Money From Your Own Book.

For more information about Michael’s Effortless Authorship Publishing System, which also makes a great holiday gift, please click here (affiliate link).