Contributed by Julie T.


As 2011 ends, it is time to look back and reflect on the top culture picks of the year.

Top Book Choice – Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Issacson (affiliate link). Steve Jobs was thought of as a genius, a tyrant and a vision-maker.  Regardless of how you personally view Steve Jobs, he was responsible for changing six industries to date: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.  Without him, the technological landscape we have today would not be the same.

Top Movie Choice – The Artist.  This movie should win for audacity alone. A silent movie in the world of 3D.  It has already won several awards including one for Jean Dujardin for Best Actor Award at Cannes.  It is the story of a silent film star who lost his fame when sound came to movies.  His career is rescued by a young dancer he was kind to when he was famous.  Expect it to be nominated for some Oscars. Roger Ebert’s review is simply glowing!

Top Album – 21 by Adele (affiliate link).  Filled with remorse, pain and longing about an adolescent entering adulthood Adele’s Album is never corny, predictable or angst-ridden.   She is able to mix gospel, rock n’ roll and bossa nova into her own style.  She has won Grammy’s, and her perfromance on Saturday Night Live had a record breaking amount of viewers.  Adele is the first living artist to have two top five hits in both the UK Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since The Beatles in 1964.

Top TV Series – Community.  Ironically, one of TV’s critically acclaimed TV series has been on and off the chopping block.  With low ratings, it was almost cancelled.  But, with the public outcry of fans, and critics pushing for new viewers, it has been renewed for another season.   It follows a study group at a community college. Highlights include a flashback episode of adventures we never got to see, a housewarming party split into different timelines with different endings some of which were deadly and a foosball competition that reverts to Japanese Animae.

What are your choices for top movies, TV shows, CDs and books of 2011?