Contributed by Dante G.

The goal of a great date is to get to know your would-be partner or keep things fresh in your relationship.  You want the date to have enough activity to spur conversation but not to be so distracting that no conversation takes place. Here are some great date ideas:

Hiking. It allows you to see the great outdoors and get some physical activity.  Just be sure that your date enjoys the outdoors and dresses appropriately.  You do not want to your date to be in high heels or a suit.

The Aquarium. The aquarium keeps things leisurely and the water keeps things calm.  There are lots of cute and cuddly animals such as sea otters to make you laugh as well as weird colorful creatures to talk about.

A play. Before there was dinner and a movie; dinner and a play is a fresh twist on the typical date evening.

Driving range or batting cage or bowling. These activities are not too athletic and are a lot of fun.  You can even get physically close as you give each other pointers on how to play—some playful competition can be a lot of fun.

Art gallery or museum.  You don’t have to cover the whole museum just an exhibit or two.  This can provide you and your date lots to talk about.

New type of cuisine. Ever tried Ethiopian food or the cuisine of Sri Lanka?  Instead of the usual try a new type of cuisine.  It gives you something to talk about.

Try some of these date ideas out for your next first date or even if you have been married 40 years.  Do you have any first date ideas you would like to share?