Poem by Janet G.


Life is so fragile, yet so strong.
It’s not a contradiction, I am not wrong.
The mind and soul can harbor the will,
Yet the body can demand to just be still.
I reflect on this truth so frequently
Because we each hold on tenderly
To what our individual plan may be;
What is right for you, may not be best for me.
So we should love our own path as true
And not judge what others do
And present our love as often as we can,
Whether with a phone call, a smile, a touch of the hand.
I implore each one who reads this verse,
Do not let a time go by when you can immerse
Yourself in a small kindness – so simple and free,
And give yourself the grace that comes with glee,
When you touch another life with compassion,
It need not be in any particular fashion,
Just let it show before the funeral commences
Because it’s too late at that time to mend any fences.
And even if there are no such items left to resolve,
It does not take that much to involve
One’s self in another’s struggle or grief,
Because it is of my belief,
That while death is not the end of living,
It is too late to enjoy the blessing of giving.