Food for the Soul™ has initiated our Foodies (companies/services we love to promote) program for businesses, like-minded partners, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to share cross-links between websites or share affiliations in other ways such as promoting their services and/or their products in our Market Café.

Foodie of the Week


Every company has a personality… and I can help yours get noticed. I create visual imagery—websites, print collateral, and corporate identity—that conveys the personality of your business to the world and attracts the clients you want to target.

The process begins with a thorough exploration of your organization’s goals, competitive landscape, and unique message. It culminates in the delivery of a creative piece, on time and on budget, that’s based on concepts tailored to your own story and that truly sets you apart from the crowd.

Your business isn’t just another pretty face. Contact Harriet R. Goren Design and let the world see the personality behind the picture.

Do you know a business, company, practitioner, or non-profit organization that would make a great Foodie?  Or maybe a favorite restaurant, product or service? Let us know by contacting us at Or share Food for the Soul™ with them and let’s see what kinds of cross-promotional partnerships we can whip up.