Contributed by Denise G.

You work hard for your money so you want to be sure to spend it wisely.  But there are some things that we spend money on routinely that perhaps our money should stay in our wallets.

Here are a few things that are just not worth it to me:

Bottled water. At the airport you are not allowed to bring in any liquids, but the rest of the world is free game.  Why buy water? It is free right out of your faucet.  You can buy a filter and a reusable bottle and save money everyday.

Lunch. It takes only 10 minutes to pack a lunch, which you can do the night before if you feel too rushed in the morning.  But it costs about $10 on average for lunch—that’s $50 a week; that’s $2,600 a year. Wouldn’t you rather take a vacation?

Brand name medication. Ask your doctor if you can take the generic version of any medications you need.

Extended warranties from retail shops. For only $30 you can be covered for another year!  But will it actually break down.  Unless it is a high value electronic item, this is an unnecessary expense.  Most products are made to last 3 years or more.

Ultra-high SPF lotions. There is no scientific proof that anything higher than 45 SPF even works.  Save your money and buy a new bikini.

What items do you think are a waste of money?