Contributed by Trey G.

Times are tough. The economy is bad. Unemployment rates are high. How can anyone make any extra money? Here are some side gigs you might consider as a source of extra cash.

Dog walking – I have a dog myself and my neighbors have been asking me if I would be willing to walk their dogs. I have always turned them down but now I walk one dog with my own dog and make $100 a week.  I also dog sit and have dogs stay with me when their owners go away.

Arts and craft – Do you have a hobby? Do you sew? Do you design crafts? If so, you can create your own line of homemade goods and sell these items on etsy.

Culinary skills – Do you enjoy baking or cooking? Consider baking or decorating cakes for sale or catering parties for family and friends. Start small, ask your network for referrals and see how it goes.

Tutor – Do you speak another language? Are you good at math, sciences or English? You can tutor a child for $20 – $50 an hour.

Odd jobs – There is an odd jobs listing on Craigslist and there are also sites such as task rabbit, skill slate and fiverr, where you can list the jobs you are willing to do and your hourly price.

eBay – There are lots of people who have heirlooms or other valuables that they wish to sell but, they are intimidated by eBay and have no idea how to cash in. I sell people’s valuables on eBay or to thrift stores and take a cut of the profit. I have also expanded my supply by buying silver or designer clothes from Freecycle or Craigslist and selling these items at a profit.

Do you have any ideas on how to make extra money? We invite you to share your ideas in the box below.