Contributed By Carissa H.



Even though I am legally allowed up to two 15-minute breaks during the work day, I used to feel uncomfortable doing so. Then I realized that taking regular breathers during my work day actually improved my productivity. Here are a few ingredients I’ve incorporated that have enhanced my days at work:

Ingredient 1 – Coffee break. The proliferation of Starbucks within such nearby proximity to my workplace has made it easier now that my office no longer offers coffee. At about mid-morning, I head to Starbucks. Getting a few minutes of fresh air stimulates my thinking and I find I’m more productive when I return to my desk.

Ingredient 2 – Take a walk at lunch.  if you bring your lunch to work, how about eating it in your office and then using the remainder of your lunch hour for a walk? I have found this to be exhilarating. This break really clears my mind and allows me to bring a refreshed perspective to the rest of my day.

Ingredient 3 – Eat lunch outside.  if the weather permits take your lunch outside. A change of scenery will give your mind a break. Also, instead of clicking away on the keyboard while you are eating, you might actually feel as if you’ve had a break and might even enjoy your meal because you are focused on eating.

Ingredient 4 – Inspiration break. A Nothing does my mind better than taking a few moments in the middle of the day to plug in to my playlist of inspirational messages. So, in the afternoon, I select one of my favorites and listen for about 7 or 8 minutes while I do some work that doesn’t require my full attention.

How do you take breaks during work? We invite you to write your comments in the box below.