Contributed by Tracy B.

Saving money is important and there are many ways that money slips right through our fingers.  Sometimes we are unaware that we are wasting it, but disorganization, procrastination, and confusion can also cause us to waste money.  Here are some common ways to put an end to wasting money:

Grocery/Bonus Cards.  Grocery and drug stores offer items at reduced costs when you use your bonus card.  Keep them in your wallet, attach the small ones to your keys or download an application for your smart phone to store them.

 Cafeteria Plan.  Many companies offer a plan to put aside money that you use for medical expenses.  You do not need to pay tax on this money.  Figure out how much you will need for the year and make sure you don’t lose out by having a surplus at the end of the year.

Reusable Bags.  Carry a foldable tote bag in your purse or backpack. Many stores offer money off if you use a reusable bag.

Clutter.  When your house is cluttered you have difficulty finding things. As a result, you buy items you already have.  Being organized and having a place for everything means you won’t have to waste money replacing what you already have.  You might also lose bills leading to…

Late Fines.  Sign up for electronic payments and note them on your calendar.  Check your balance daily to be sure how much you are spending.

Expired Food.  Are you throwing away too much food? Perhaps you are buying too much. If so, learn to freeze food properly.  Are leftovers getting lost in the fridge? Designate a separate area for leftovers.  Write expiration dates on canned food with a sharpie so you are aware enough to use them.

Monthly Fees. Do you subscribe to a magazine but never get to read it? Unsubscribe.  Joined a gym but never go? Cancel your membership.  Have a storage unit full of your stuff but you never visit the unit? Plan a date to empty it out.

How have you stopped money from slipping through your fingers? We invite you to comment in the box below.