Contributed by Stacy M.

November is a month full of promotions and sales.  It contains two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Recently, some stores have begun their sales on Thanksgiving Day or even earlier to attract the most shoppers.

Savings are usually between 20-40% across the board, but what are the best deals?

TVs, DVDs and Electronics. Large screen and 3-D TVs will be on sale this month as sales have not been as strong as expected.  In order to increase sales in the future, manufacturers want to entice you to buy in the hopes that you will rave about it to your friends.  They may be on sale from now to December but the weekend of Thanksgiving they should take the biggest discount.  Tablets are also going to be on sale this month.  They are predicted to be a huge gift choice but the competition is great.  There are many new models introduced this year and you will be able to grab one in the price range of $200-$400.

Winter Clothing/Accessories. The discount will be greater after Christmas but retailers are looking to unload as much as possible this month.  You should be able to save anywhere between 25-40% and still be able to have a large selection to choose from.

Thanksgiving Related Food. Turkey will be around 59 to 66 cents a pound this month.  But after Thanksgiving price go back up to normal.  If you like to cook turkey for Christmas too, it pays to buy one now.  All types of potatoes are marked down with an emphasis on Yukon gold and sweet potatoes averaging about $2-4 for a 5 lb bag.  Squash varieties and apples are also cheaper this year then last due to good crops.

What are you looking forward to buying this month?