When we’re young we tend to think we know it all, but underneath our focus is on fitting in and making our way in the world. At this time in our development, having a chance to share accomplishments and concerns is more important than ever. What organizations provide an outlet for young people to have their voices heard?  Share your favorites. 


Youth Communications/NY Center, Inc.
Youth Communication helps teenagers develop their skills in reading, writing, thinking, and reflection, so they can acquire the information they need to make thoughtful choices about their lives.

Jazz For Young People
Jazz – we play it, we teach it, we write it, we dance it, we sing it, we present it, we photograph it, we film it, we produce it, we archive it, we record it, we broadcast it, we commission it, we celebrate it, we love it, we share it. Welcome!  Our mission and purpose is to enrich the artistic substance and perpetuate the democratic spirit of America’s music.


Today’s Youth…Tomorrow’s Legends. “If you believe you can do it, then…ACT-SO!”