Poem contributed by Charles P.


Reunion, July 1998

Mother … for whom the time away has been so long …
this woman who last saw me as an impulsive adventurer
and now meets me again as a man, as a husband … yet still her little boy!
And me …  so grown up yet transformed into that little boy who loves his Mother
more than all the world that boy now with the experience of time and life
who now knows the value of a Mother’s love.
That boy now in manly garb, so overcome with a complex of emotions, is so happy,
so excited to show what he has never shown to his Mother …
a total and complete expression of the depth and breadth of his love …
his feelings of utter joy!
Soak it all in … be at one with each moment of this time … feel everything …
be fully exposed of heart and mind.
My life will never be the same again! 
Now … I am truly a man!