Living life to the fullest involves being fully engaged in all that life has to offer right now. 

A great way to begin is by appreciating what’s available right there in our own backyard. Let’s see, maybe it’s eating at a local restaurant, bird-watching in a nearby park, attending a performance featuring an infamous artist or one whose genius is only known by a few, visiting the talking halls of a museum, sitting on a grassy knoll, taking a train to nowhere, reading a favorite author, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, trying something for the first time and the list goes on and on. These are simply the tip of the iceberg of what life has to offer and there is so much to appreciate. 

Simply said, life, in its various forms, nurtures our souls, excites our senses and gets our juices flowing. 

What stimulates your senses or gets your juices flowing?  Share your favorite artists, musicians, authors, designers, ideas and more.