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I have no words that could express how the people of Boston must be feeling.  All I can think of is the day 9/11 happened, when I couldn’t find a place in my mind to help me make sense of what was happening.  Today, over a decade later, it’s unfathomable that this kind of atrocity is still happening and will continue to happen. And for what?  Difference in opinions, religious beliefs, or human separation? All I know is that I find it  incomprehensible that human lives are ended and blood is being spilled for no reason that I can understand.

When an event like this occurs, it feels as it can’t be real.

The day of 9/11, the only place that I could look to for any meaning was fiction. It was so hard for me to believe that this was really happening.  I was looking for Will Smith to come and save us–Independence Day style.  In April 2013, I cannot make sense of this kind of madness.  All can say is this: Boston, you are in our hearts and mind. You are not alone.

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