Contributed by Harry J.

Drinking during the holidays can add up—there are office parties, get togethers with friends, lots of deliciously spiked eggnog and don’t forget all the bubbly on New Year’s Eve. The night of the celebration is great, the morning after? Not so much. But hangovers can be prevented or taken care of easily.

Drink choice. Some types of alcohol are more likely to cause headaches. Brandy, whiskey, red wine and dark beers are more likely to cause hangovers.  Clear alcohols, such as vodka, gin and pale beers, produce less severe hangovers.  The reason is that dark drinks contain more congeners (byproducts of fermentation in some alcohol) that dilate blood vessels.

Eat up. Alcohol is absorbed slowly when there is food in your stomach.  There is no right or wrong food to eat. With a full tummy, you are less likely to have a hangover.

Water. In between alcohol beverages, drink water.  This will help prevent dehydration.  It also is a great way to pace yourself.

Take a pill. Taking a pain relief pill can stop a headache before it begins.  Avoid using acetaminophen because, in combination with alcohol in your system, it can harm your liver. Two aspirins before bed plus a multivitamin and a glass of water will help prevent those disagreeable morning after effects.

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