Contributed by Donna Marie

Source: Daphnes Foods, Transforming Lives Through Food

Food enthusiast, Corona Sanchez is the creator of Daphnes Foods and her ultimate goal is to have a recognized brand of  foods, available in food markets throughout the city – with these qualities.

Eco-friendly packaging
Sustainable & Seasonable
Also – organic, convenient, original, biodegradable and transformational.

She delights in creating amazing recipes. Here’s one of my favorites:

Sea Salt and Mixed Peppercorns Kale Chips


Don’t know exactly how long kale chips have been the craze, but I do know that I waited way too long to try them. Could not wrap my head around the absurdity of the cost. As someone who loves kale, can’t believe I held out this long. Was it worth the wait? Oh yes! Holding out this long really paid off! Have you tried them? You should!

If, like me, you attempted to buy them a few times, but  just could not do it, my advice to you is – don’t wait as long as I did. Either bite the bullet and pay $5 for a container, at least – if you’re lucky OR, buy a bunch for $2.50 and bang them out. It’s really easy. They’re practically error free, unless you’re totally absent minded and forget them…use your timer!  <<Read More>>