Contributed by Yoshiko J.

Your diet is an important part of keeping yourself healthy.  While spices make foods tasty, some are also really good for you.

Turmeric. Through the years, this was often used as a pain reliever.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that help people with tendonitis, arthritis as well as many other autoimmune conditions.  It is also filled with antioxidants that can help battle cancer.  You can use it in foods or as an extract in a daily dose of 400 mg. Just make sure the supplement you choose contains 95% curcuminoids (the anti-inflammatory found in turmeric).

Garlic. This delicious spice is used widely in Italian, Asian and Latin cuisine.  It naturally helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure and helps reduce your risk of stroke with phytochemicals.  It also helps fight against cancer while cleansing your colon.

Basil. Stressed out? This herb contains a stimulant to increase adrenaline and reduces seratonin, all of which reduce stress. It is also linked to inhibiting breast cancer.  It also reduces nausea.

Ginger. Ginger also reduces nausea whether it is from morning sickness or moving sickness.  It also regulates blood flow and eases arthritis.  You can grind it in your food, use the powder or eat ginger candy.

Cinnamon. This amazing spice helps regulate blood sugar and is useful in helping diabetics.   It also lowers cholesterol and is good for heart problems.

While all of this is good news, it is best to speak with your physician before making any changes to your diet.

What home remedies to you use for good health?