Contributed by Chad G.

Power Nap


In Japan, employees are allowed to nap on the job. This is called Inemuri – a practice of sleeping and still being present. Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in the United Kingdom found that taking a power nap between 1 pm and 4 pm for 20 minutes to an hour worked better than a cup of coffee. Any longer and you will wake up feeling groggy.  Power napping has many benefits:

Increases productivity.  Taking a break allows you to change your way of thinking. When you relax and take a moment to slow down, your body and mind relax. However, a small part of the brain continues to work on the problem. When you wake up from a nap, you may just have a solution.

Eliminates fatigue.  If you slept poorly the night before, a short nap can help you feel more rested.

Reduces stress. Taking time to relax helps your body to regenerate and improve functioning.

But what do you do if you don’t have a work environment that promotes napping? There are other ways to recharge yourself during the day. During your lunch break, why not take some time to daydream instead of talking with your coworkers. Spacing out helps give your mind a break. You can also meditate for 20 minutes, do some yoga or stretching exercises.

If you do decide to recharge yourself with a power nap, mediation or daydreaming, be sure to avoid caffeine or exercising beforehand.

Do you ever power nap? How does it help you? We invite you to write your experience in the box below.