Contributed by Matilda L.

I am not too into exercising or eating healthy and I find it’s not so easy to motivate myself; but I know I need to.  Being the visual learner I am and my fascination with numbers, I decided to investigate different online tools that might help motivate me and keep me accountable.

Goal: Keeping track of calories: FitDay.  The reason why I like this website is it offers a breakdown of where my calories are coming from.  Keeping track of what I eat helps me to be accountable.  The pie chart allows me to see where my calories are coming from, i.e. sugar, fat, veggies, etc.  I’m also a fan of Weight Watchers online tool which helps me keep track of how much food I eat on a daily basis.  There is a fee for this tool but I’ve found that the results I have achieved are worth it.

Goal: Keeping track of weight loss: MyNetDiary.  I am able to take measurements and keep track of how my size is changing.  Muscle weighs more than fat so using a scale is not always the answer. You may be losing fat but staying the same weight.  Losing inches helps you achieve weight loss.  You can also challenge other people online and compete with them to give you extra motivation to work out.

Goal: Managing healthcare expenses. Clear Health Costs & Simplee.  I don’t know anyone who can keep track or understand medical billing.  If you want to compare your healthcare costs to others in your area, try Clear Health Costs.  It will empower you to make informed decisions about your health care.  Simplee helps you keep track of all your medical bills even if you switch companies.  It dissects medical jargon into language you can understand and checks your bill for errors.

Goal: Eating organic fresh food: Locavore.  Locate your nearest farms and farmers’ markets.  Learn what food is in-season, read about the farmers’ market or farms and browse some recipes.

What are your favorite health and wellness websites and apps? We invite you to comment in the box below.