Submitted by Angela S.

Oysters, chocolate and ginger are all famous aphrodisiacs, but here are some that you may not have heard of:


Asparagus.  French newlyweds dined on three courses of asparagus the night before their wedding.  It’s packed with potassium, calcium and vitamin E, all of which give you extra energy and spunk.


Honey.  Hippocrates prescribed it for sexual vigor and it is a traditional gift for an Indian wedding.  The word honeymoon is based on the tradition that newlyweds drank honey drinks until the first moon of their new marriage.


Rosemary.  Rosemary plants were placed in the bedrooms during medieval times during lovemaking.  Then women would bathe with the leaves to use ‘scent memory’ to entice their men.

What is your experience with aphrodisiacs?