Contributed by Nancy R.

It is hard to believe in this day and age that there are still some myths about birth control.  Information is taught in schools and can be found on the internet or the library but, in our culture, sex is still a taboo topic.  Even with all of these outlets for gathering information about birth control, it shocked me the other day to hear a grown man offering withdrawal as an effective method! Let’s debunk some long-standing birth control myths.

If you pull out before you ejaculate, she can’t get pregnant.  This is called the withdrawal method. While it is a method of birth control, it is only 75% effective, which translates to 25% ineffective.  That is a pretty high percentage. Think about it—if you use this method four times, one time it isn’t going to work.

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period.  Your body can release an egg at any time in the cycle.  This may be the most unlikely time to get pregnant but the possibility is still there.  Plus sperm can actually enter a dormant state and lay low for up to six days until a new cute irresistible little egg is released.

Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy.  Breastfeeding can make the body stop menstruating, but that doesn’t mean that eggs aren’t available.  You should still talk to your doctor about birth control options (as the pill is not available as birth control during breastfeeding).

If you wear two condoms at once, it is safer.  I hear this one a lot.  The thing is, the two condoms will be rubbing against one another and are more likely to break.  Condoms are pretty durable and if used properly, are 98% effective.

Not having an orgasm during sex can be a great method of birth control.  The sperm is unaware if you had an orgasm or not, it has one job to do, get to an egg.  Pleasure has nothing to do with birth control. So enjoy yourself with birth control.

For more information on birth control methods, speak to your doctor or a Planned Parenthood Center. We invite you to comment in the box below.